Formula Mech Series

Smart Contract made from ThirdWeb. Connect through MetaMask.

Please make sure to DYOR and make sure it is safe to connect. As much as possible we try to make it safe, we recommend you to mint from your burner wallet or wallet without your blue chip NFT. Please stay safe and wish you the best of luck! ūüôā -Adesignmachine/ MMX

MMX: Formula Mech Series 2022 pay homage to the Singapore Formula Grand Prix Race 2022. These Mechas are designed in mind of the formula racing team and passion for racing.

20 x Racing Mechas
1 x Special Mech

With hundreds over custom decal design, each keycap Mechas are meticulously crafted with 1/1 decals and brings tiny details to the Racing MMX.

Thank you very mech for your love and support.
Mech Love XOXO

Collection Name
MMX: Formula Mech Series
Oct 1st, 2022