Rekindle childhood memories

Not just a fancy mecha, I aim to convey through my works, a message of reliving and rekindle our childhood memories and times we've been through.

Global Icon

Building the next global icon is my life goal. With the use of blockchain, I strive to build an iconic figure in the global web3 space.







Founded by alter-ego; adesignmachine, Alden is an award-winning designer and 3D artist based in Singapore. He designed several winning industrial designs for multiple MNCs with the likes of DELL, SENNHEISER, and ASUS, to name a few. A fun fact, he is the design lead of the ASUS TUF GAMING K5 keyboard, which leads to igniting his passion for the custom mechanical keyboard design scene. One dot connected to another, from keycap to NFT.

His first encounter with NFT is through designers, like @GEO, and @ARC4G on Foundation.app [FND] while running his design IG in early 2021. It was the dawn of FND and NFT then. He tried for an invitation for many months but to no result. On the side, he worked on an idea of a PFP project by creating various keycap traits but eventually pivoted to unique 1/1 Keycap Mecha NFT.

Three months later, he founded MMX Labs, with MechaMiniX  (Mini Machines in a mini family). He released the first 5 NFTs on Opensea in late Nov ’21. Finally, in early Dec’21, he was invited by badass 2D PolyArt artist @myitchyfinger (now an MMX collector too) to FND.

His journey in the NFT space continues in 2022, launching more badass mecha designs, upgrading the mechas, and enhancing the mecha design and visual aesthetics.

Labs Report


1A – Launched Website 

1B – Launched and completed the sale of 1/1 NFT collectible on the selected platform, OPENSEA. Sale proceeds to deliver the first run of hardware airdrop to collectors.


2A – MMX Merch [HG-1]– Design > Sample > Manufacturing

2B– Pre-launched and shipped to MMX owners > ETA launch in Q1’22

2C – Launched CryptoBengz X MMX Collab

2D – Shipped official Merch CB x MMX Tee to Buyers / Collectors

2E – Q2 hardware airdrop to collectors


3A – NFTs featured at New World Gallery

3B – ERC1155 Airdrop – OG-1 Dawn

3C – Opened Online Store [Shop-Defi]

3D – OG Collection of Editions on ShopDeFi

mecha keycap 

mecha keycap 

mecha keycap 

mecha keycap 

mecha keycap